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Egg Whites International: Products & Services

Egg Whites International is a protein drink that is 100% bio-available protein and 100% pure pasteurized liquid egg whites.

It helps you build muscle and burn fat and it can be flavoured with your favorite taste,chocolate,vanilla,Irish coffee,orange juice.The liquid egg whites are pasteurized and have been tested for salmonella.They are USDA and Kosher approved and they are double filtered to have the consistency of milk.

The drink is suitable for both adults and children and it is not a supplement,it is a natural food.

Egg Whites International: Company Background

Egg Whites International was founded in 1999 and is based in Anahaheim,California.All their products abide by the rules and regulations according to the USDA and their mission is to help customers build and maintain muscle,lose weight,curb hunger cravings,increase brain power and mood and decrease fatigue all in one drink.

The formula is suitable for all adults,men and women and kids love it.

Egg Whites International: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Testimonials from the Egg Whites International website.

As a professional bodybuilder egg whites are essential to my diet and preparation.When I discovered Egg Whites International in 2002 I knew it was going to change my life by saving me thousands of hours cracking and separating 2-3 dozen egg whites a day.Now with this drink I am getting 12% more protein in a lot less time.Bob Cicherillo IFBB Pro,Mr USA,Mr World,Masters Woirld Champion, spokesman.

My name is Gunter Schlierkamp and I am using Egg Whites International in all my shakes.This way we need only half of the protein powder and I feel it adds some serious nutrition to my body.IFBB Pro,Mr Universe,Actor and fitness celebrity.

As one of the trainers on the hit TV weight loss show The Biggest Loser I have helped millions of people lose weight and reach their goals.I am constantly on the lookout for ways to make eating healthy and getting wnough protein and tasty.Egg Whites International is always on top of my recommendations for all my clients,it's awesome.Kim Lyons,NASM CPT,IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor.

Egg Whites International: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Egg Whites International is not an accredited BBB Business and does not appear to have a BBB rating.

Several of their customers have won awards and competitions since they started using Egg Whites'International products.

These include Chris La Cascia (pictured) who lost 130lbs in only 9 months by drinking liquid egg white protein shakes for three of his six daily meals.He has since won the Amateur Heavyweight Division of the 2006 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro Show and was overall Champion at the 2005 Sandra Wickham Classic,Vancouver,Canada.

The company has also been featured in 28 magazines including Oxygen Muscle and Fitness,Muscle and Performance and also regularly take part in Fitness Shows.

Egg Whites International: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

There is not much information available on the popularity of the Egg Whites International website.Alexa has no data available and the only information they can provide is there are two sites linked in.

Gooogle Page Rank Checker says the page rank is not available and it is not possible to show any page rank now.

Egg Whites International: Social Media Presence

Egg Whites International has a good social media presence.They joined Facebook on November 22nd 2010 and has 5,421 likes.There are plenty of pictures plus posts from the company and others which are regularly updated.

Egg Whites International is also on Twitter with 172 tweets that are regularly updated.They have 349 followers and 51o following.

The company joined You Tube on May 26th 2010 and the latest activity was on June 29th 2012.There are 74 video views and the videos are posted by both the company and their fans.

Egg Whites International: Website Security & Safety

This site is secure, Egg Whites International is an Authorize.Net Merchant which means it has the highest level of security to safeguard customer information and combats fraud.It uses an https prefix for secure transactions.

Carrying out the googlediagnostic test on it came up with the following information

This site is not suspicious and has not been an intermediay for any infection to other sites within the past 90 days,neither has it hosted any malicious software,Google has not visited this site within the past 90 days.

Egg Whites International is also C-O-M-O-D-O secured which iks the Hacker Guardian.The website holds a website iden tity assurance warranty of $75,000 which means it is insured for up to that amount,

Egg Whites International: Pricing & Packages

Sample prices from Egg Whites International

The prices of this company are good for their unique product and compare mfavourably to other health food sites.

Egg Whites International: Shipping Rates & Policies

At the moment Egg White International is unable to ship liquid egg white products outside the US although they are now serving Alaska and Hawaii and some limited APO and FPO addresses.It is hoped to expand into International markets sometime in the future.

Currently all products are shipped throughout the US and come under the judicial law of California.They can ship clothing and vitamins internationally.

Egg Whites International: Payment Methods Accepted

Egg accepts payment by the following credit cards




American Express.

As an merchant it is quite safe to enter your credit card number online as the site has the highest possible security for customer transactions.

It also uses a secure https: prefix when customers reach the checkout.

Egg Whites International: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Because this is a health drink the return prolicy is slightly different to other products. Egg Whites International does offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee which is to state that the drink is 100% natural with no additives.

If a customer is not happy with the product they have received they are advised to call the company on(714)921-4663 or (877) 344-9448 or email

Egg Whites International: Product images & screenshots
Egg Whites International Coupons
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